Chiropractic offers a form of treatment that is natural and holistic. Dr. Shirley has treated many patients with headaches/migraines and has seen great results. Many people have dramatic results and become completely headache/migraine free. 

The causes of migraine headaches is not totally understood. It has been proposed that a migraine begins with a spasm ( partial closing, of the arteries leading to the main part of the brain). The spasm decreases blood supply to part of the brain wich causes Aura ( lights,  haze, zig zag lines or other systoms) these same arteries then become too relaxed, which increase blood flow and causes pain.

Triggers that can initiate Migraine headaches

- Spinal misalignment

- Smoking

- Certain foods ( Chocolate, cheese, nuts, alcohol, MSG )

- Missing a meal or changing sleep patterns

- Stress Tension

- Birth control pills ( at the end of the pill cycle as estrogen component of the pill is stopped- called estrogen-withdraw headache)

 If you are tired of Migraine headaches ruining your day!  Its time to fight the pain from a chiropactic angle. To find out more on how Chiropractic can help contact  Dr Shirley today.


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